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Dear Professor Grunhaus,

You are really my great personal hero because you found a course of treatment for me that gave me my life (at the age of 50). I have been in a stable relationship with a lovely woman for two years now, and my relationship with my kids and family is very good. You found me the correct medication (a low dose of 2.5 mg of Ariply daily), and it makes a huge difference. My mood is very stable now for years!

It’s not as if you were the first mental health professional I consulted. I had taken the various mood stabilizing drugs under care of other psychiatrists and at first with you as well, but they were only partially effective. My best guess is that my problem was partially hormonal related to dopamine, and endocrinological tests led you to suggest Ariply. If I hadn’t come across you and the Mind Clinic, it is quite likely I would have gone on living with mood instability for years. It always astounds me to consider that one man has done so much for my well being.

So bless you Professor Grunhaus, and חנוכה שמח! And a thousand thanks!

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