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I found Professor Grunhaus and the Mind Clinic after suffering for 20 years from intense mood swings and anger, leading to inappropriate behavior and often to police involvement.   Although I had previously sought help from many therapists and psychiatrists, their treatment was only partly effective because even when the medications worked the side effects were unacceptable.

The Mind Clinic is special because it offers many different possibilities for treatment, including in my case cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.   Both of these treatments helped me, but the key for me was finding the correct medication at the correct dosage, and in this regard Professor Grunhaus was truly outstanding.   Finding the right medication takes time, but today (in 2021) I have been emotionally stable and generally enjoying life for about 3 years, without side effects.   This improvement in quality of life, both for me and my family, did not seem possible at the outset.  The results absolutely speak for themselves. Thank you!


January 21

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